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Beyond the Outfit

Beyond FLAT Fire Pit

Beyond FLAT Fire Pit

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 The flat fire pit includes:

 1. Round Fire Pit - Size W5.5" (140mm) x H3.5" (90mm).

2. 6 fl.oz stainless steel chamber (180ml) fuel capacity, last burning 30-40 min at least.

3. Lid (to put out fire and to close de fire pit opening)


Please be aware that you are solely responsible for any liability or risks associated with the use of the fire pit that you have made.

 For safety reasons, please keep the fire pit and molds out of reach of children under 10 years old. If children are using the fire pit, please supervise them at all times. We do not recommend that children under 12 years old make a fire pit with this mold or use the fire pit unsupervised.For your safety and to protect your property, we highly recommend that you read every word of these instructions carefully.


  1.  The fire pit is to be used outdoors or indoors in well-ventilated rooms.

  2.  The fire pit is not suitable as a heater or for continuous operation.

  3.  Protect the fire pit from direct exposure to weather conditions.

  4.  Never leave children or pets unattended near a hot fire pit. Do not use the fire pit in strong winds or drafts.

  5.  If the fire pit shows unusual burning behavior, please extinguish the fire immediately using the flame snuffer.

  6.  If there is damage to the fire pit-primarily to the fuel chamber - DO NOT USE!

  7.  Do not move or transport the fire pit during operation. If the fire pit needs to be moved, fully extinguish the flame using the flame snuffer.

  8.  Ensure a safe, stable stand and use the fire pit only on horizontal surfaces.

  9. Do not place any objects on the fire pit.

  10.  We recommend 91% rubbing alcohol as fuel so no smoke or odors are emitted. (not included)

  11. Use a long long lighter/ wand to light up the flame.(not included)

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